What we do

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Brand Analysis

The goal is to join the needs and expectations of the audience with the execution of the brand.

Fractional Management

Contract my cross-functional management experience for your temporary or extended needs on-site.

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Talent Coaching

Coaching from someone who has guided and nurtured talent through radio’s changes over the past 30+ years.

Ron Harrell

Our Story

Ron Harrell is a contemporary consultant specializing in radio, streaming, and podcast optimization. At Harrell Media Group, we excel in delivering swift and actionable guidance for success. It’s a No Copy and Paste strategy to meet your needs now.

Founded with a vision to champion content teams of all formats, we help you define a marketplace difference for your brands and guide you through executing those differences.

Strategic Guidance

Expert advice based on our decades of major and large market leadership roles in radio, audio, and digital branding.

Award-Winning Teams

Trust our experience leading radio and audio content teams to achieve exclusive industry awards.


Let us provide a purposeful vision and guide your teams to define a marketplace difference with innovative and engaging content.

Why Choose Harrell?

Contemporary Consultant

Heritage experience with very recent exposure to the broadcast and media battlefield.

No Copy & Paste

We all have our systems. A lot of successful execution is formulaic. However, your plan will include what you need right now because it’s right for your current situation.

Useful Meetings

Your world is noisy. I come to meetings prepared. I’m respectful of your time and give you ammunition for your battles.

Client Testimonials

In my previous experience with some radio consultants, their wisdom tank is tapped out after the first few months. This is not the case with Ron. Every time we meet I get great insight and learn new things! I have learned more from Ron than any other consultant I have worked with. He has a tremendous track record of success. I fully recommend Ron and Harrell Media Group!

Mike Kankelfritz, Chief Broadcast Engagement Officer, Family Life Radio

After just a few months, Ron has challenged us in many areas.  I was looking to maximize our efforts and find new ways to improve, and Ron started making a difference on day one.  I appreciate his balanced approach of encouraging what we’re doing well while exploring the areas we can take to the next level.

Tony Weir, CEO, The House FM/The House of Praise Networks

Let’s Increase the Volume Together

Contact us today to discover how Harrell Media Group can meet you where you are and grow from there.

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