Founded to find and promote the difference in your radio and audio brands, Harrell Media Group brings contemporary knowledge and strategies to help Reduce the Noise to Increase the Volume.

With eras of experience in Audience Acquisition and Retention for radio and audio brands, Ron Harrell is dedicated to providing unique global analysis and detailed consulting services to guide your content teams to success.

Having worked in every role on the programming side during his early career, Harrell’s path became management and executive-focused in the post-Telecom Act era. He held leadership roles for media groups like Chancellor Media, ABC Radio, CBS Radio, Hubbard Broadcasting, WAY Media, and Hope Media Group.

Strategic Guidance

Expert advice based on our decades of major and large market leadership roles in radio, audio, and digital branding.

Award-Winning Teams

Trust our experience leading radio and audio content teams to achieve exclusive industry awards.


Let us provide a purposeful vision and guide your teams to define a marketplace difference with innovative and engaging content.

Our Vision

To provide contemporary consulting to radio and audio branding leaders at every level.

Our Mission

Our mission at Harrell Media Group is to meet you where you are and help you create a better audience engagement experience for your brand.

Let’s Increase the Volume Together

Contact us today to discover how Harrell Media Group can meet you where you are and grow from there.

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